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The Color Run is not an ordinary race but an incomparable experience and perfect family entertainment. It’s not about running 5 kilometers in the shortest possible time, but running at the speed and time you feel is appropriate and fun. The Color Run is not a race but a race where thousands of participants have a royal time while they are covered in color from head to toe. At the end of each kilometer, you run through a color station with music, entertainment and a new color, and at the finish line, everything runs smoothly with a gigantic finish festival where the color splendor will be an unforgettable experience. This will be the happiest and most fun 5 kilometers of the summer! More info: https://thecolorrun.is/terms-conditions/

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Entertainment and activity – Viking settlement – Legacy – Ancient handcraft

Hafnarstræti 2, Þingeyri, Vestur-Isafjardarsysla

Restaurant Skel is a modern restaurant at Fosshotel Westfjords with a warm hearted service and cozy atmosphere in the lovely town of Patreksfjörður.

Adalstraeti 100, Patreksfjordur

Diner, ice cream shop and store in Bolungarvík

Þuríðarbraut 13, Bolungarvík

The Natural History Museum in Bolungarvik was formally opened in may 1998, the museum was also the first of its kind in the Westfjords. The display room is over 300 m2. There is a…

Restaurant, café and guest house.

Hrannargata 2, Ísafjörður 400

Bryggjukaffi is a café in the old savings bank house at the harbor in Flateyri. The day’s soup and pastries are served with coffee, beer and wine.

Hafnarstræti 4, Flateyri