Tjarnarbíó is the home of independent performing arts and our role is to run that home in a responsible way. Tjarnarbíó’s vested interests coincide completely with the interests of everybody involved.


  • The long-term interests of independent performing, and creative arts are always at the forefront.
  • We are in constant interlocution with society, cherish international collaboration, aim to help Icelandic artist get their works abroad and to get international artist to perform in Tjarnarbíó.


  • At Tjarnarbíó there is perfect equality. We treat everyone, staff, artist and guests with respect.
  • We always start our concept work by thinking “in a perfect world” and then we think “why not”?


  • If ever in doubt if to react or not, we always react.
  • We always keep our work transparent and do our best to share information in a way that makes our vision, mission and rules clear to everyone.
  • We are constantly working on improvements and our aim is always to do better. Mistakes are opportunities, as long as we use them as a means to learn.

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