The Fríkirkjan í Reykjavík is an independent Lutheran Free Church of Iceland. It lies in the centre of Reykjavík, by the lake Tjörnin.

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Baroque Jazz – An Improvisational Rendezvous In this concert two music genres collide; Jazz and Baroque. It gives the audience, as well as the musicians, a unique opportunity to enjoy and explore well known pieces of the Baroque era in a new and experimental context. The repertoire includes the most magical music by composers such as Bach, Pergolesi, Handel, Purcell and more. Kristjana Stefánsdóttir : vocals Þórhildur Örvarsdóttir : vocals Kjartan Valdemarsson : piano Eyþór Ingi Jónsson : organ Þorgrímur Jónsson : bass Pétur Grétarsson : percussion