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Tendra’s music is best described as warmish and embracing singer-songwriter jazz, with a gentle hint of pop-ish spices. The lyrics are mostly in Icelandic, which is often thought to be a very vivid, storytelling language. Tendra’s debut album, also named Tendra, was released by Icelandic record label Smekkleysa, in November 2020, and has received splendid reviews.

Tendra was born in the beginning of 2020. The band consists of guitarist and composer Mikael Máni Ásmundsson and vocalist and singer-songwriter Marína Ósk Þórólfsdóttir. They’ll be joined on stage by bass player Ingibjörg Elsa Turchi, keyboardist and singer Steingrímur Teague and drummer Svanhildur Lóa Bergsveinsdóttir.

At the concert, Tendra will play music from their first album, as well as new songs and arrangements.