Stína Ágústsdóttir is one of Iceland’s favorite jazz singers, who was nominated as artist of the year at this year’s Icelandic music awards. She has released albums such as Jazz á Íslensku (2016), Hjörtun okkar jóla (2019), The Whale (2021), that have all received rave reviews.

Stina is currently residing in Stockholm, Sweden and has in the last few years worked with some of the country’s foremost musicians. For this occasion, she’s joining bass wonder Henrik Linder (Dirty Loops) and the brilliant pianist Joel Lyssarides. Together they create a powerful trio that is able to really play around with the music and take the audience on a trip to a new and exciting universe of sound. The trio will be playing a mix of original music, jazz standards and pop tunes in new arrangements.

Stína Ágústsdóttir (IS) : voice
Henrik Linder (SE) : bass
Joel Lyssarides (SE) : piano / keyboards