Russian Souvenir: Alexander Pushkin

Sergei Telenkov – bass – baritone
Alexandra Chernyshova – soprano
Katie Buckley – harp
Kjartan Valdemarsson – piano
Gerður Bolladóttir – host

Russian Souvenir – is a number of concerts dedicated to Russian classical music in Iceland and Icelandic music in Russia. It is also a musical and cultural friendship bridge between Russia and Iceland. Alexandra Chernyshova is artistic director of this unique cultural music project since 2016.

At the concert “Russian Souvenir: Alexander Pushkin” you will hear not only an incredible collection of Russian musical masterpieces such as aria of Varjazskiy gost from „Ruslan and Ludmila“ by M. Glinka, aria Iolanta by P. Tchaikovskiy or romances by Sergei Rachmaninov, which is recognized by time and generations but also will enjoy the world premiere “ Seven romances for soprano and harp “ based on verses by great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. Cycle written by young Russian and already recognized composer Antonina Rostovskaja. It was written in February 2019 especially for awards – winning soprano & composer Alexandra Chernyshova.  Antonina Rostovskaya’s compositions are performed at various concert venues of St. Petersburg and other Russian cities, as well as in Italy, France, Poland, Spain, Australia, Hong Kong, Israel, the United States of America, India and other countries.The publishing house “Composer” publishes author collections by A. Rostovskaya “Funny Conversation” (editor – A. G. Schnitke), “The Village was driving…”, and also prints individual works of the author. Work is in progress now on the publication of the compilation and CD “Carols-riddles”, an essay for a mixed choir or ensemble and piano. In 2015, the book by K. Vaganova “Composers of Present and Future” was published and A. Rostovskaya was among the represented composers. A. Rostovskaya continues her creative growth by taking part and winning various contests, such as the All-Russian Musical Contest of soundtracks for the animation video “Music and Video Animation”, the All-Union Competition of Composers “Choral Laboratory. XXI Century”. Follow Antonina´s homepage for more info

Authors of the program would be more than happy to guide you through the magnificent world of Russian vocal music and Russian music culture. This concert is one of a kind opportunity to enjoy compositions rarely performed outside of Russia. Russian Souvenir is an invitation to visit a special, inaccessible world which take listener deep inside the Russian soul. Russian tea served in the intermission of the concert.

The project is funded by the Russian Embassy in Iceland and Menningarsjóður FÍH Culture Fund.