Clas­sical Ma­gic of East­ern Europe


Today’s Icelanders are usually connected to the region of Central- and Eastern Europe through many personal connections because of their work, holidays, families, studies and friends.

So did the Icelanders in the recent centuries. Furthermore, the musical and cultural heritage of the Central-Europe has played a surprisingly big role in the cultural life and musical education of Iceland.

Great composers, choir and orchestral conductors such as Franz Mixa, Peter Urbantschitsch and Carl Billich are highlighting the strong connection between the two regions.

In this concert we focus on the roots of the musical culture of Central-Europe. Our program consists of songs, arias, cello and piano pieces, duos, trios and folk music from Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Poland and Russia.

The pieces were written by great and well-known classical composers such as Dvorak, Strauss, Chopin, Liszt and Rachmaninov but also less-known and very special composers like Anton Benda and Jan Kritek Vanhal.

Bernadett Hegyi, Hungarian coloratura soprano. She is one of the greatest new talents in classical singing, with her astonishingly high acrobatic notes. Together with Márton Wirth, she formed the ensemble Opera2gether.

Márton Wirth, composer and conductor. Organist at Landakotskirkja and a conductor of Skátakórinn, also going to perform in the concert.

Also performing: Emma Petruska, cellist from Hungary.