Pedro Vieira and Daniel Zivko Duo The Piracema Duo, formed by Brazilian Musicians Pedro Vieira (Guitar and Vocals) e Daniel Zivko (Electric Guitar and Vocals) will be touring through Europe between January and February 2020 January performing the show “Sítio Nascente”, where they go through many different styles of Brazilian music, showing a little bit of the great richness and cultural diversity of Brazil. Using the interaction between the voices, the Electric Guitar and the Nylon Guitar, the Duo tries to grasp the vast melodic and rhythmic repertoire, so rich in Brazilian music, and thereby representing a glimpse bit of this music’s history, revisiting composers such as Dorival Caymmi, Tom Jobim, Chico Buarque, amongst so many others.

Pedro Vieira is a singer and guitarist. Graduated in electric guitar and singing at the Campinas State University, also studied singing and electric guitar MPB/Jazz at the Tatuí Conservatory, one of the most respected conservatories in Latin America. He has performed all over Brazil, and currently lives in Campinas where he plays with many groups and teaches music.

Daniel Zivko is a guitarist. He started studying music at the age of 7. In 2015 he started studying in the Tatuí Conservatory, playing electric guitar MPB/Jazz. He has also performed all over Brazil.