Kadi Vija Key Project is a fresh and innovative jazz group built around the outstanding Finnish/Estonian jazz singer Kadi Vija. The ensemble strives for the sound that is soft but substantial, quiet but captivating, sound that stays on the listener’s mind but leaves it hungry for more.

Kadi Vija’s uncommon singing style is influenced by instrumental improvised music, flowing thoughts and abstractness. Vija’s music draws from modernism, jazz and film scores. This quartet, with a refreshing instrumentation of vocals, bass clarinet, guitar and drums, released their debut album Roaming In The Contemporary Society To Make Peace With It in May 2020.

This performance is a part of the NORDIC JAZZ COMETS project.

Kadi Vija : vocals
Max Zenger : bass clarinet
Tuomo Dahlblom : guitar
Tuomas Timonen : drums