Guitarist Gudmundur Petursson plays a solo recital at Reykjavík Jazz 2021. It features work from his albums along with a new set of pieces based on Reykjavík and it’s neighbourhoods. The music can be defined is a jazz oriented post-genre, where elements of kraut, prog, alt-rock, modern classical and ethno-blues might occur.

Gudmundur has shared the stage with diverse artists such as Pinetop Perkins, Erlend Oye and Pattie Smith, as well as working on hundreds of albums. He has released the albums Ologies, Elabórat, Sensus (2008-2015) and Concerto for Electric Guitar and Orchestra (2019). Gudmundur has also written compositions for SinfoNord, Reykjavík Chamber Orchestra and Reykjavík Big Band.

Gudmundur has received the Icelandic Music Awards several times as a guitarist and composer.