Hljómsveitin Grísalappalísa came as a whirlwind into the Icelandic music scene in 2013 and 2014 with the albums Ali og Rökréttu sequel. After a long and rigorous creative process, the Týnda rásin, the band’s third and final album, has come to light.

In Idnó on March 20, Hljómsveitin Grísalappalísa will perform the Týnda rásin in its entirety. These are the release concert of the Týnda rásin but also the final concert of the band. Therefore, the audience may be preparing for an auspicious program – rock and roll insanity that will never be played.

The occasional magician and electronic music genius Dj Flugvél and Geimskip will take care of the warming-up.