Edda started performing professionally in 1980 as a singer and piano player in various projects. Twice in the Eurovision finals, in a very popular group Model in the 80´s and had her own Jazz ensemble during those early years and on. Edda founded her own music school Tónskóli Eddu Borg in 1989 and runs it to this day.

Edda takes the stage now on the Reykjavik Jazz Festival and performs her own composition derived from her training as a classical pianist and inspired by her love for Smooth Jazz.

For this concert Edda has put together a tight band of excellent musicians including Agnar Már Magnússon on keyboards, Benedikt Brynleifsson on drums, Bjarni Sveinbjornsson on bass and Friðrik Karlsson on guitars. Together they will play material from Edda’s previous albums New Suit (2019) and No Words Needed (2015) and don’t be surprised if they pull a new tune or two out of the hat.

Edda Borg : piano
Bjarni Sveinbjörnsson : bass
Friðrik Karlsson : guitar
Agnar Már Magnússon : keyboards
Benedikt Brynleifsson : drums