DJÄSS was formed in 2010 by Karl Olgeirsson (piano), Kristinn Snær Agnarsson (drums), and Jón Rafnsson (bass). Its first 10 years together, the trio performed under the name Hot Eskimos. They made a name for themselves with their jazz arrangements of Icelandic rock, punk, and pop music. These were the kinds of songs on their first CD “Songs From the Top of the World” (2011). Critics gave it top reviews. This disc is now also available on vinyl. Their second CD “We ride Polar Bears” (2013) struck a new note. In addition to Icelandic songs, you can also listen to several original and foreign songs.

DJÄSS has now finished a new record. Most of it is original material. Its release will be in October 2021. At this concert the trio will mostly perform material on this soon-to-be-released record, entitled “DJÄSS”.

Karl Olgeirsson : piano
Jón Rafnsson : bass
Kristinn Snær Agnarsson : drums