Well, well, well. It’s that time again. The fifth installment of the now infamous “Coney Iceland” sideshow.
That’s right, we are here to shock, amuse, delight, and confuse you fine folks! This one night only!
There will be characters you know and love, and we’ve also been on the hunt, high and low for fresh freaks, putting their bodies through extreme feats, for your demented entertainment.

This time around the feast includes the wonderful talents of:
JellyBoy The Clown (NYC)
Margrét Erla Maack (RVK)
Lalli töframaður (RVK)
Axel Diego (RVK)
Alda Brynja (RVK)

Come one, come all.
Come big, come small!
Tell your enemies, tell your friends. But mostly, tell your enemies!

Doors open at 21:00
Show starts at 22:00
Age limit: 20+