Charlie Christian tribute band will honor the father of jazz guitar Charlie Christian at the Reykjavik Jazz Festival September 2 at 17:00 in Reykjavík City Hall.

Charlie’s fame reached its peak in Benny Goodman’s band during the second world war where they recorded many classics of the swing period. Charlie Christian’s career was very short, but he died at the age of only 26. During these years, jazz was in full swing and Charlie took a very active part in the scene in New York and it can be said that Charlie Christian influenced all the jazz guitarists who came after him, such names as Wes Montgomery, Jim Hall, Barney Kessel and Joe Pass, where Charlie Christian’s voice is very clearly heard.

The quintet consists of Ásgeir Ásgeirsson guitar, Haukur Gröndal clarinet, Snorri Sigurðarsson trumpet, Erik Qvick drums and Birgir Steinn Theodórsson double bass, but this group and part of it has many times played swing jazz at the Reykjavík Jazz Festival under the names Lester Young tribute band and Artic Swing quintet and more.

Ásgeir Ásgeirsson : guitar
Haukur Gröndal : clarinet
Snorri Sigurðarsson : trumpet
Erik Qvick : drums
Birgir Steinn Theodórsson : double bass