Miss Mokki, Iceland’s Queen of Burlesque takes her favorite performers on a wild ride around Iceland through the year 2020. Búkalú will have a monthly show at Gaukurinn, around a full moon, and will also travel around Iceland. An evening of debauchery, burlesque, variety and comedy. Every month the cast will change and you can read further on each show and the whole tour on www.bukalu.net

Performances by:
Jellyboy the Clown (NYC)
Margrét Maack (IS)
Hand Solo (IS)
Albert Cadabra (NYC)
Trixie Delight (NYC)

The show is not suitable for people under 20 years of age or those who fear the wonders of the human body.

The show is hosted in a mix of Icelandic and English, and is very visual.