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Pub – Bar – Cocktails

Hafnarstræti 96, Akureyri

The facilities at Valaskjálf Hotel is equally suitable for concerts and musical events. On a regular basis Valaskjálf orchestrate performances with different bands. The JEA …

Skógarlöndum 3, Egilsstaðir

Sports Bar – Nightclub

Skógarlönd 3 Egilsstaðir

Hotel Grimsborgir is a five star hotel located 70 km east of Reykjavik in the heart of the Golden Circle, nestled on the bank of river Sogid surrounded by stunning landscape. Some…

Ásborgir 30, Selfoss

Austurbær is an event house at Snorrabraut. This historic house has been refurbished in the recent years. There are now three venues suitable for a wide range of events from 50 to…

Snorrabraut 37, Reykjavík

Event Hall

Birkihlíð 14, Vestmannaeyjar

The hotel’s Riverside Restaurant emphasises on offering quality ingredients and food. Cooked by care out of fresh ingredients. For lunch we are offering ala cart menu and in the…

Eyravegi 2, Selfoss