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Good people, that’s it. Már Gunnarsson holds the Great “Alive” along with the most talented Polish instrumentalists. We are delighted to announce that one of the most prominent “producers” in the country, Hadrian Tabecki is returning to Iceland along with eight great musicians especially for this occasion! In general, the style of music will be very diverse and hopefully something for everyone such as rock, pop, country, latino, rap, contemporary- and instrumental music. Concert guests are offered a free round-trip bus service from Reykjavik directly to the concert by Bus4U. You can secure a seat in the bus at the Blindrafélagið’s office on +354 525 0000 or at gjreidsla@blind.is. Registration deadline for bus seats is until 16:00 on Thursday 12 March.

The rules are simple! Meet 3 girls and get great deals at the bar! If you follow us on instagram you will receive VIP cards and 3 for 1 at the bar between 20:00 and 23:00. Fresh new offers available, just ask the bartender. .

Jófríður Ákadóttir, AKA JFDR, will celebrate the release of her much anticipated second album New Dreams with a very special release show at Iðnó. Jófríður will be joined that night by some wonderful friends, who will be announced later.

Iceland’s hottest pop star is celebrating her 50th birthday with a big concert at Háskólabíói.  

DIMMA will hold its first concert of the year at the Green Hat, Akureyri, where they have previously held some of their best concerts. DIMMA is one of the country’s most popular rock bands. In recent years, they released five albums.

Hotel Grímsborgir proudly offers five-star Bee Gees performances under the direction of Gunnar Þórðarsson. The show is set to feature Bee Gees’ best-known songs.  The ticket contains a three-course meal where guests choose from the chef’s banquet menu: appetizer, main course and dessert from the dessert buffet.

Join us as we celebrate the dying sun. Performers: Kontinuum Nexion Nyrst Forsmán

Come and join The Secret Cellar for an outstanding night of comedy performed in English! The show will begin at 21:00 but we do recommend arriving early to get a seat, doors open at 19:00! We will have happy hour from 19:00 til the show begins!

The Axel O Band will be performing at the Græni Hatturinn, Saturday, March 14, 2020. Axel O is a fan of country music, in Iceland well known as one of the country’s top singers in the field of country music. The band: Axel O: vocals and guitar Magnús Kjartansson: piano Sigurgeir Sigmundsson: guitar and pedal steel Birgir Nielsen: drums Finnbogi Kjartansson: bass Dan Cassidy: Violin

Every Sunday in March we will read the next story from Icelandic sagas. Participants can take turns reading if they wish. Otherwise, you can just listen and have fun, think about all the interesting things that are going on in the story at a time and find a common solution if there is a chance. Free admittance, donations possible!

The story of Jens and his troubles with the two tooth trolls Karius and Bactus has entertained families for seventy years. The play is based on a Norwegian children’s novel written and illustrated by playwright Thorbjørn Egner and first published in 1949. The names Karius and Bactus are puns on Caries and Bacteria, the two main characters leading a luxurious life in Jens’ teeth, especially while Jens maintains his awful diet of white bread and syrup – and constantly fails to brush his teeth…!  The play is approx. 45 min. long and is in Icelandic.

Each year, the Student Trade Committee of the Commercial School of Iceland sets up a magnificent musical. This year the musical Aladdin and the magic lamp, based on the Disney cartoon Aladdin which was released in 1992 and the remake of the version will be released in 2019.