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Family friendly restaurant with the most amazing view over Faxaflói bay.

Hafnargata 19, Keflavík

New restaurant in the downtown of  Keflavik

Hafnargata 28, Keflavík

A new restaurant in Reykjanesbær that offers healthy and good thai food at a reasonable price.

Hafnargata 30, Njarðvík

Syrian Arab food, fresh halal meat, healthy, suitable for vegetarians.

Hafnargötu 31, Keflavík

Hafnargata 32, Keflavík

Streetfood van

Hafnargata 38, Keflavík

Thai Keflavik offers Thai food in the heart of the city center of Keflavík and also an 8-course buffet every weekday from 11.00 – 13.00.

Hafnargata 39, Keflavík

Library Bistro / bar offers a great experience in both food and drink with a strong emphasis on good service.

Hafnargata 57, Keflavík

We offer wide selection of small courses where you can choose your own composition of dishes. Fresh local fish and produce daily.

Vatnsnesvegur 12-14, Keflavík 230